Saturday, January 26, 2008

Premiere Post

JANUARY 18, 2008

January, month of new beginnings. The group is seven. We gather about a round table.

This evenings art is poetry, a short story, and non-fiction.
We hear a poem inspired by tragic news. We listen to a poem about reading aloud. We hear a short story involving a man from a long time ago. We learn about multi-media, podcasts and issues confronting school media specialists. We read to each other and we discuss.

As it must be the time for art transitions into the time for business.
Tonight's business is influenced by the art about communication. How can you hear us? How can we reach you? How can you read us? How can we engage you? How about a blog?

Welcome to the blog.


Jacqueline said...

Kudos and Thanks to Matt & Jennifer. The GWG blog looks great and reads well! '08 should be wonderful. I'm looking forward to the February meeting...and hearing inspirational speeches, some master pieces and emerging voices.

Happy New Year 2008. Don't forget to vote! Hopefully, we can make the Literary Arts an important topic for the new politics of CHANGE!

aneil said...

It has taken a year for me to Happy New Year 2009, and congrats for our new president, Barack Husein Obama. He seems to be living his theme - "Building bridges, to peace and economic revival."

My Obama poem was included int he 2008 Anthology, "CROSSROADS." But I couold share my hopes for the new year before I go to the February 2009 meeting (deja vous Jackie's comment about ayear ago)

He has overcome
He far he has come
We have overcome
How far have we come
from the millennium's turn
the bible spoke of His return
because he overcame the world
hope for mine, our, his two girls